Monday, March 23, 2009

Number Filter

2499 [Homo sapiens] Class: Origin Validation Error.

10,998 what are the people doing ? Class: Design Error

14,995 Ignore:. Blank lines. Case changes. White space changes ...

18,129 Show lines around each change.

4999 Decisions on Admissibility and on the Merits.

11,998 View differences. inline, side by side.

14,995 Lawn Tractors

18,999 Ethereal is vulnerable

9988 Language: English. Usage: all species used

11,998 where visitors come from, who owns the site

15,488 Sunday, Monday. Overcast. 56° F | 49° F. Rain.

19,988 Show dependency tree

1. Style: 9988 2. Color: white, ivory, champagne 3. Size: 2# -24# 4. Fabric: taffata,satin, chiffon, ...

13,998 Granted, people need to know about things that endanger them, but aside from the absurdity of some of the questions, isn't that the whole point? ...

NEW DELHI: During the first two days of a special drive launched on February 1, the Delhi Traffic Police prosecuted about 15,500 motorists. ..

21,999 Midget Submarines and Foreign Midget Submarines in World War II.

10,998 Moths of Oklahoma

14,998 deviants said No, I do not have a cell phone.

15,995 N;ï\Pœ ([â_Ωu5O· ) ∑ ï\PœN (S eπu5O· ) ∑ ï\PœNå (S eπQê )

28,988 Women kissing each other on cheek

Saturday, March 21, 2009

containing voids

here are some shapes i drew this morning (instead of writing a statement of purpose). usually my doodles take on a chaos-wielding, map like quality. but here i felt a small breakthrough in containing shapes.

doodles, i realize, have their own history. these are some images from a collaborative project i had my intro to digital art students work on.

my shapes next to a student work.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i bought a dress form for myself (very exciting) a few months ago. without a sewing machine, i've been experimenting with ways of just knotting a garment onto the dress form itself. the actual thing i've worked on is rather (eek) but a close up of the knotting is tolerable and, in some way, oddly comforting to me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

forever futured


separating the fruit of its yolk
i've seen it loose form in the rain
fermenting out of forgetfulness

separating fruit from its yolk
it has broken form in the rain


separating fruit and yolk
loosing form in rain
it ferments forgetfulness

a fullness