Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i bought a dress form for myself (very exciting) a few months ago. without a sewing machine, i've been experimenting with ways of just knotting a garment onto the dress form itself. the actual thing i've worked on is rather (eek) but a close up of the knotting is tolerable and, in some way, oddly comforting to me.


Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

So funny--I've been looking up the history of rag rugs as of late--this close up reminds me of them--the kind made by women of old just using whatever fabric was around--a wonderful means of making something out of very little, out of what was had--re-purposing.

I think you should keep knotting and showing us more pics.

elisabeth workman said...

I agree. Somehow it's connected to the previous entry in its process. But the ideas of knotting and exposed revision are not mutually exclusive.

garima said...

I did tear up an old shirt and use a few other fabric leftovers. Last year, I gave away so many clothes to the goodwill. I told myself at the time that I might regret it. Now I actually had to buy new fabric--it seems less meaningful that way maybe. But I'm not going to be too antsy about it. It would be wonderful to ask everyone to donate some old clothing--as you say re-purposing history. It would remind me of Janine's rope piece.

I too am looking through traditional costume books, Barbara. All aspects of those garments seems so slowed down and carefully considered--the textiles, the construction, and embellishments. It won't do to pull that time out of context and onto a pedestal--but I do go into an irrational frenzy at times and wonder why we gave up our meditative paces. It is a romantic fallacy though, as the 'meditative' pace probably never was meditative. I watched " Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" by Sergei Parajanov recently--what whirling images it contains--eerie and beautiful.

Exposed revision...yes the knotting does feel like that. I constantly add or subtract or mold, and the history of all those decisions get recorded, just the way they happened. Thanks for making that connection Elisabeth!

I'll post more pictures. Spring break stretches before me like a newly made up bed/studio.