Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear all...

As I head into my studio for the day, I felt the need to say "Welcome!"--to all our new contributors--those we know and those we do not know. Beth and I have long desired a space where we might just gather all the incidentals/minor histories/fragments/ swirling about our thoughts--and feeling not very minor at all actually. Site Q is the fruition of those inclinations toward making a space.

I thought I'd post some of the ideas we've been discussing over this past year, not to direct you in any way in your postings really...just information to mull over as we begin our dialogue.

1. Beth wrote me a bit ago, SITE Q is the name given by scientists to the recently discovered “ mystery Mayan city of fabulous art” in an area long known as La Carona, Guatemala. Quickly, what I like about the idea of Site Q is not its potentially great revelation for art historians in a “Romancing the Stone” way. What is of interest is its detached, generic name, and the implication that this site–a terrain frequented by “drug traffickers, clandestine loggers, illegal ranchers” and scientists alike–is somehow still in question.
So, it’s the idea that it is a field of interrogation and discovery, and in my weird way I link the activities of “lifting” and “sampling” and “stealing” and “trafficking” inherent in collage-making (whether it be visual or verbal) as sanctioned (or at least permitted) criminality.

2. There is a ‘PREMONITION IN LANGUAGE of the unknown vaster world. Lyn Hejinian

3. From Beth again...the blog as a record of our continuous dialogue, the idea that nothing posted is complete (and in fact willfully refuses completion or resolution) but an artifact or notion of a process that propels itself via exchange.

4. repository for fragments, detritus, phrases, bits of ephemera, addendum, indexical referents, the haphazard and intuitive, the ridiculous and unnameable, that which unfolds, part by part by part

5. so big that it can only be viewed part by part by part

6. a place to posit engagement with the fleeting, the peripheral, the footnote

7. enjambment

8. juxtaposition

Again, thanks for your part--looking forward to seeing what gathers here.

Oh, and if you want to post any blogs you find interesting, etc--feel free to do so. I am new to all this, so if indeed Beth and I have to add those things as the blog "admins" let us know....

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