Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On Distant

we are watching each other watch each other

from far away the far off stepping closer / snow and its compression / closer and disappearing /
obstructed by the landscape / running out of the frame / distance and its collapse

relative distance, emotionally distant, spatially distant, the "view" of the countryside, TV snow

feeling unemployed, feeling put upon, feeling inaccurate in communicating the feeling (a distant soundtrack, track of longing, sound of loss, voiceless refrain)

if time collapsed and space was transposed the two would be sitting across from each other, smoking cigarettes, watching each other watch "the other"

voyeurism accounts for this impossibility
spurred by the fugitive (Yusuf, fugitive of his town; Mahmut, fugitive of his past; Nazan, fugitive of both, with nothing remarkable to leave or bear, i.e. childless)

Yusuf's light: source unknown searchlight of inaudible whisperings (read intimate) leading to the squeaking mouse, stuck to its own death
justapoxed with
Mahmet's light: trapped between sleep and the flickering end of a videocassette, a floor lamp falling towards the floor, startled, waking up from a dream

traffic on a bridge, face against twilight, fish flipping in a bucket

the act of capturing and being captured
taking out the trash


On Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Distant (2002)


Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

So tell me, these are your thoughts in response...stunning, really.

elisabeth workman said...

Yes, my processing of and reflecting upon the film--which is really amazing. Stunning cinema.

garima said...

i've seen the film--last year. more accumulation, snow, lying... your reflections helped uncover mine.

elisabeth workman said...

lying, yes, literally and figuratively