Sunday, December 7, 2008

More jumbled text: this is a side project I did a while ago, in which I ran Burroughs' essay on the fold-in method through an online text randomizer, and laid out the results page by page. The idea was to have each phrase remain in the same spot from page to page, though that got a little loose.

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garima said...

You were telling me about this project once, but I still had to look up the fold-in method now. Does the different typeface signify words you were hunting for or was that randomized as well? I've never read any of Burroughs' writing. I saw Naked Lunch a while ago, but the novel probably has a completely different impact.

And also, remembering my thesis where I was the one hunting for text--that was a different type of control, nonrandom in most ways, with an appearance of random when seen by another. It is interesting to think about where irrationality is built into the system.