Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Re[(:)(a)(d)]d text

In the midst of Red Text and More Red Text being posted here, I was pursuing in small pieces my (sometimes, admittedly, painful) night-time project of reading the Old Testament, in particular this excerpt of its own red text:

Per the lingual plague, here we go, a fragment, translated into simple Chinese into Hindi into English:

His head and twist your altar and altar in the water, blood from the altar should go out, he will take away their crops and the wings of the altar on the east side branch, in order to ash, he tears to the wings Was done for, but it's no different

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Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

Funny how I wonder at times if these translating runs might very possibly bring/yield understanding--even in the midst of their seeming opacity.

I'd love to see parts of the book of revelation run through the wringer--